White Rose Ghostbusters Are In Town

We are so proud to have The White Rose Ghostbusters joining us at Warped Con.  They have a tough job keeping Sheffield, Yorkshire, and ultimately the world spooks free since 2017.

The White Rose Ghostbusters was founded in 2017 as The Sheffield City Ghostbusters. Attending events throughout 2018 the team steadily grew and by early 2019, realising that their members were spread throughout Yorkshire and beyond, the changed their name to The White Rose Ghostbusters.

White rose ghostbusters with their version of the ghost prison

They love to attend events and conventions, both big and small. All of this in the name of fun and to raise funds for our chosen charity Sheffield's Friends of Ferals.

These guys have really worked on their image and props and they have a 7-foot painting of Vigo from Ghostbusters II, a photo backdrop opportunity with the Ecto Containment Unit from Ghostbusters, and a more general display too.  They also have a full complement of Proton Packs, Ghost Traps, PKE Meters, ECTO Goggles, and more.  All have full light and sound effects.

So please come and show this team some Warped Con love and get a shot with these brave defenders.

booking tickets through costume and cosplay competition

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