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Here @ Warped Con HQ we have our fair share of fanatical Cosplayers on the payroll but we thought to give our first convention and our Cosplay guests the best experience we can we should get a little help so we have asked Cosplay legends "Costume & Play" to plan, run and organise a full schedule of events over the 2 days and you will not believe what they have produced.  If you're a Cosplayer then you REALLY do not want to miss this....


The Warped Con Cosplay Masquerade £2,000 Prize Pool

Cosplay Zone at Warped Con
Think Cosplay couldn’t get any more exciting? Think again!
Costume and Play are excited to announce the launch of Cosplay Live!

What is Cosplay Live?

Want the opportunity to see live prop makers and seamstresses at work? Now you can with cosplay being built LIVE in front of your very eyes at Warped Con! You will still have the opportunity to touch and interact with ready-made props, costumes, performers and specialists, but this time you will get to see them in action as well.

Don’t forget to take part in our masquerade’s. Now carrying a £2000 prize pool across the weekend!

The Warped Con Cosplay Masquerade (Saturday: 3:30 pm) This Year's Masquerade will honour its winner with a prestigious Costume and Play trophy alongside a cash prize! We encourage everyone to take part; Sign up here - https://warpedcon.com/competition-entry-saturday-3-30pm/

The Cosplay Community Masquerade (Sunday: 3:30 pm) Will honour any ability of Cosplay with a range of awards for Juniors, best performance and more; Sign up here - https://warpedcon.com/cosplay-competition-entry/

Stage Events

Escape Room: Cosplay Edition Contestants are locked in a cosplay workshop, slowly they realise that in order to escape, they must piece together a creation from the workshop's owner!

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Props, Armour and Weapons Zone

Several weapons and props of all varieties will be on display along with professional prop makers to interact with. Here you can even create your own prop or visit the advanced prop tutorial on Saturday to get to grips with advanced techniques.

Sewing Zone

The Sewing Zone will teach you everything from fabric to various stitching! There will even be a sewing panel so you can learn all you need to prepare your own fabricated creations.

Performance Zone

The performance Zone will have an array of characters for you to interact with, along with the ability to test out and create your own mini performance. Advice will be on hand for everything from masquerade performances to acting in general.  

The Cosplay Masquerade and Sign-Up Zone

The Cosplay Team will be on hand to help with Masquerade preparation and to answer any questions about Cosplay content at the show. This will include a repair station for all your quick fixing needs!

Workshops and Demonstrations  Zone

There will be a space allocated to those who wish to create extended or advanced projects with help and advice available throughout your project making. Here you can meet like-minded Cosplayers and this area will also host workshops throughout the event.

Photography and Installation Zone

Want to capture that perfect cosplay moment? Now you can under our beautiful Sakura tree! Alongside these photographers will be on hand to capture your fantastic cosplay and help teach you posing.

SATURDAYStage Timetable SUNDAYCosplay unlocked - workshops and demos 
09:00Welcome to the Cosplay Zone09:3009:00Minecraft Make a Torch09:30
09:30Just Zoning Around - A Cosplay Zone Tour10:0009:30Make Your Own Foam Bag10:00
10:00Rock Band Party (Early Bird Competition)11:0010:00Special EFX and Makeup showcase11:00
11:00Blastoise with Tom: Coming Out Of Your Shell 11:3011:00Cosplay 10111:30
11:30Iron Artist12:0011:30Trinkets and Embellishments12:00
12:00Whose Line is it Cosplay?12:3012:00Editing Film 10112:30
12:30Performance and Masquerade13:0012:30The Art of Vision Helmet Challenges13:00
13:00The Cosplay Escape Room 14:0013:00The Prop Shop: Building your Weapons and Armor15:00
14:00Sew You Want to Learn About Fabrics?14:3014:00
15:00MASQ PREP/cosplay showreel15:3015:00MASQ PREP/cosplay showreel15:30
15:30Cosplay Championship 15:30Cosplay Championship
16:00Cosplay Championship 16:00Cosplay Championship
16:30Photoshoots/Cosplay Interviews16:30Photoshoots/Cosplay Interviews

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