Warped Con Etiquette and Some Rules

We All love a great Comic-Con and we all know that Comic-Con may look like an explosion in Factory Geek but please know that there are a well-defined set of rules and etiquette, well more a code of conduct if you like.  This code of conduct is there to keep everyone safe as well as ensure people don't get slapped for overstepping boundaries and are to make ensure that the experience has optimal fun and enjoyment for everyone involved, remember it's a family event.

Warped Con Etiquette and Some Rules (serious but funny)

  1. Please stay hydrated throughout the day. This is both for your own well-being and everyone else's.  The exhibition centre @ Doncaster Race Course will be very crowded already without parched corpses laying around the place causing obstructions.

  2. For the same reasons, stay nourished. Nutrient deficiency causes lethargy (which causes bottlenecks around the venue). Don't just eat chips, as they will induce a common condition known as "lazy ass is full of carbs and just wants to sleep".

  3. Complaining about guest lines will not make them go faster. Why? Thanos will notice your moaning and whisk you away to a 99.9% identical parallel dimension where every line is 15 minutes longer.

  4. Don't expect your favourite celeb guest to sign anything that isn't within reason, no chest/ butt signing (often too many hairs anyway)

    1. ...unless your favourite celebrity happens to be one yours truly. Come to the information desk Sunday 12 noon and I'll autograph family photos, search warrants, 95% of all body parts (must be attached). Yes, I will be there. The person that has been endlessly posting news updates as well as other funtastic info to you for the last few months)

  5. If you're over 18, don't ask panellists if they're single. As funny as it is people will laugh.....a lot!

    1. If you're between 8 and 17, you're allowed to inquire about panellists’ relationship statuses, but be prepared for a chorus of nervous titters.

    2. If you're under 7, you have carte blanche to do whatever you please. Gurgle, yell at the panellists, languidly recapitulate how much you adored and love them.  This is just cute.

  6. If you're staging a cosplay weapons duel, avoid the escalators, toilets, walkways — basically any place nobody wants a foam slap by a loose sword.

  7. If you're brandishing a cosplay weapon, no matter how fantastic and wonderful you think it is, it does not deserve its own seat during Q&A’s. Learn to perch your amazing gun/ sword weapon like a warlike parrot.

Very Very Important - Cosplay

  1. Absolutely no secret pictures.

    1. We know, it’s not every day you run into Captain America or Darth Vader getting a pizza or a coffee, but that doesn’t give you the right to send a picture to all your friends on Snapchat. If you want a picture, just ask! It’s not weird, it’s not creepy, and a cosplayer will always prefer you ask permission to take a photo it's just correct etiquette, rather than sneak one.  Most will be happy to oblige and pose fiercely.

    2. Similarly, don't even think about sneaking upskirt shots, IT IS ILLEGAL and has always been a d!*k move. People will notice/ see you and justice will be swift and the 5 Ohh will be called, no warnings, BE WARNED.

  2. Hands Off…. Similar to the photo rule/etiquette, touching a cosplayer or their props without permission is a serious no-go. Oils from the skin can stain fabric, damage props, wigs, and makeup prosthetics. Most cosplayers spend hundreds of hours designing and creating their costume, so don’t be the person that ruins it in 30 seconds.

  3. Watch out for the “big ones”.

    1. We’ve all seen them- massive costumes that have their own postcode, or headpieces that leave you wondering: how do they see where they’re going? If you run into these cosplayers, be mindful of your movements. Don’t deliberately create obstacles for someone with limited movement or take advantage of a costume with limited visibility.

  4. Use your head around weapons.

    1. Many cosplayers carry prop weapons, Warped Con enforces strict rules on the types of props attendees are allowed to have. If you’re concerned about a prop talk to the Warped Con staff. Their main priority is making sure everyone stays safe and has fun.

  5. Cosplay is not consent.

    1. Some cosplayers will interact with others as their character, and some won’t. The important thing is to respect boundaries. If they’re not comfortable, drop it. On the flip side, if they’re making you uncomfortable, ask the Warped staff to step in. Being in costume doesn’t remove them from the responsibility of etiquette. Or equally, make them personally have the values of the character they are Cosplaying.

  6. It’s not Project Runway.

    1. It doesn't matter whether you’re a newbie or a professional cosplayer. No one likes to be told their costume isn’t 100% accurate, it's just not on. Maybe they chose to wear more comfortable shoes or couldn’t buy the exact shade of blue wig. In any case, it’s not for you to judge how they put their costume together. Cosplay is about the creative interpretation of the character, not being a carbon copy.

  7. “You can’t cosplay them because….....”

    1. MAKE NO MISTAKE.....That argument stops right there. It doesn’t matter if they’re a different gender or race, if they’re a different body type or if they have a disability. If they want to cosplay that character, they can it is their right. Creating a costume and becoming your favourite character is incredibly empowering, enjoyable and fun. The values and achievements our heroes have transcend things like body type or gender and always will at Warped Con. Everyone can cosplay whoever they want because what matters is what the character means to you.

  8. The 10,000-person main Hall is not the place to eat your double stack burger with all the trimmings along with fries and that extra-large drink... Unless you brought enough for the whole class, that is. It's too busy and also your meal is too messy..... Use the fantastic outside terrace in the sun on floor 1 with a beautiful view as well as TABLES ;-)

    1. Similarly, floor 2 & 3 are not the place to commandeer the Q& A microphones and practice your stand-up routine. It's also not the proper location to practice your "heavy breathing" routine either.

  9. Should you be starstruck by your favourite actor/writer/member of staff, simply say, "Hi, I'm a huge fan of your movies/comics/posts. Thank you, and keep on doing what you do, your awesome"."

  10. Absolutely nothing at Warped Con is worth stampeding over.

  11. I'm going to put this as delicately as possible. Sometimes we get so excited at Comic Cons that we forget to wear antiperspirant. Hell, that day I need Three of me just to cope as my schedule as it will be mental busy all weekend additionally that my only ablutions will be dust baths and shampooing my hair with dry shampoo. When you leave your hotel room or home, please, please ask yourself, "Do I smell like a summer’s day, like aromas of rose and Channel?"

Last Word

To emphasize, follow the etiquette and guidelines as we really want you to have a great time as our guests.  We have spent many long days, weeks and months, not to mention the ££££’s making Warped Con a reality, so we can all enjoy the moments 100% of the time. If you're having a lousy time, we have certainly failed you.

Thanks for Reading

Mr Paul Etiquette

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