Tru Entertainment - Cosplay

Get ready, because we are..... If ever there was a group that really love TV & Film and also are top draw Cosplayers it is this crew.  We have had to assign a number of  Imperial Storm Troopers and one Mega-City Judge to keep them under control.  With an incredible host of characters these guys just love what they do and that is something fantastic.  Tru Entertainment will be bringing along a fantastic number of characters to Warped Con 2019 including the best Captain Jack Sparrow I have ever seen, Iron man, Freddy Krueger,  Belle, Thor, Ariel, Princess Jasmin, Mad Hatter, Legolas, Hella (Thor), Sweeney Todd, Lucius Malfoy and maybe more!!!

Tru entertainment's very own Jack Sparrow Tru Entertainment present Roger and Jessica Rabbit Iron man from Tru Entertainment showing of his skills

Tru Entertainment will be bringing a number of scenes and backdrops so that everyone can come to get a pic with their favourite character.  I know that I have my list ready.  Their head of fun "Wayne" aka Captain Jack Sparrow is a bit playful and keeping us in the dark to the full extent of the what they are planning but we are sure it will be #funtastic.

booking tickets through costume and cosplay competition

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