Is Cosplay Out Growing Cosplay Conventions?

Here at Warped Con HQ, we are looking to make our Cosplay guests feel at home. Somewhere they can express themselves and show their work in an environment that they feel comfortable in.  This is why we are working with "Costume & Play" to create the best experience we can for our Cosplayer guests.  You can read more about our "Costume & Play" event and Cosplay Competition here.

But that's not what this blog post is about.......!!!

I (that's me Paul) am new to Cosplay, I have seen it but not really understood the community, unlike many of the team here at Warped Con HQ, but I have set out to learn and as I was looking around the web "learning" I realised a few great things about Cosplay...

  • It is a big yet tight-knit community
  • Everyone helps each other
  • So much passion
  • Cosplayers enjoy being with and around other Cosplayers
  • When together Cosplayers create an awesome experience for everyone who sees them

Is Cosplay Out Growing Cosplay Conventions?

With that in mind, I was carrying on my research when I came across a very thought-provoking article on https://.kotaku.com. An article that explores the needs of today's Cosplayer and how conventions can improve the experience for Cosplayer attendees.  Below is a portion of the article and a link to the article if you want to read it fully.  It really is a good read and we think that we will be, next year, working to create such an experience at Warped Con 2020.

For decades, cosplay conventions have followed the same basic formula: everyone goes to a hotel or convention centre, they meet up, they take photos, they party after then they go home. As cosplay grows in size and scope, though, some cosplayers are finding that the same old’ same old’ just isn’t enough anymore.

At the same time as this year’s Katsucon—one of the most important cosplay shows on the calendar—, there was another event called SClass Weekend. This attracted some of the biggest cosplayers and best photographers in the scene. It wasn’t part of the official Katsucon schedule, however; this event had been made for cosplayers, by cosplayers.

Sclass is the brainchild of Sean McCoy, a former cosplayer himself who now works as support for his fiance Natasha “Bindi Smalls” Spokish. If you’re wondering what that means, it means Sean looks after everything Natasha can’t while she’s in costume. This can range from scheduling to logistics to attaching/repairing armour to assisting with equipment for photo shoots.

Read the full article HERE

Two deadpool cosplayers taken against a warehouse background

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