Doncaster racecourse main entrance and home of Warped Con
We really wanted to share with you the space where Warped Con 2019 is taking place.  We have taken some raw video of the event space as we really wanted you to see our commitment to creating one of the main events in the Comic-Con calendar.  Please don’t expect high-end production or paid guest voice-overs as this is not our style as we wanted to keep it real.  We just want to you to see
Scene motion pictures BTTF famouse clock tower scene
Warped Con would like to welcome Scene Motion Picture! They will be joining us with a stunning Back To The Future Delorean with an operational flux capacitor. This is a massive set with the City Hall, Signs & Fencing from Hill Valley as well as a whole host of props.  This is where you can get some fantastic pics of you and the DeLorean with the City Hall backdrop. Scene Motion Picture has one of
Group shot of the white rose ghostbusters with slimer

5th April 2019

White Rose Ghostbusters Are In Town

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We are so proud to have The White Rose Ghostbusters joining us at Warped Con.  They have a tough job keeping Sheffield, Yorkshire, and ultimately the world spooks free since 2017. The White Rose Ghostbusters was founded in 2017 as The Sheffield City Ghostbusters. Attending events throughout 2018 the team steadily grew and by early 2019, realising that their members were spread throughout Yorkshire and beyond, the changed their name to The White Rose Ghostbusters.
back sails guest image in black squared
This is a first for the UK convention scene.  The guys from Black Sails are just the biggest fans of the series. They have channelled this love into something that we can all share now. We are not even 100% sure on what we will be hosting with these guys. What we can tell you is that they have over 25 screen used costumes and some of the best props I have seen. That along
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Tru Entertainments Gamora in a green screened battle sequence.

29th March 2019

Tru Entertainment – Cosplay

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Get ready, because we are….. If ever there was a group that really love TV & Film and also are top draw Cosplayers it is this crew.  We have had to assign a number of  Imperial Storm Troopers and one Mega-City Judge to keep them under control.  With an incredible host of characters these guys just love what they do and that is something fantastic.  Tru Entertainment will be bringing along a fantastic number of
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